Lima, Peru: Thanksgiving [Day 32]

Day 32 | Thursday, November 24, 2016

After just 3 days back in the office Steve has the day off. It is kind of nice because they don’t observe Thanksgiving in South America as it is a US holiday so we have full run of all that Lima has to offer today. When we first landed in Peru, Steve met a guy in his company’s San Isidro office that gave us a whole list of things we should do and see all over Peru. One of his recommendations was to tour the Barranco district of Lima. I noticed when I was booking our free Cusco walking tour that the same company also offers a free tour of Barranco. So, I have scheduled a tour for this afternoon. We are walking from our apartment in San Isidro district to Miraflores district (about an hour walk). From there we are getting brave and hopping on a bus and heading to the Barranco district. We are starting our tour out at the main plaza. Then along the walkway that stretches from the center of the district all the way down to the beach. Back up the walkway and over the Bridge of Sighs to a park with some typical Barranco graffiti. Continuing on our way through the streets past several colonial and Republican style homes. Then on to the San Jose Obradoiro Parish of Barranco and finally returning to the main plaza and ending our tour at La Santísima Cruz Parish. Happy Thanksgiving!

Barranco District History & Information

The Barranco district was once a fashionable beach resort for Lima’s aristocracy. Barranco has sandy beaches unlike other surrounding areas. The cliffs of the neighboring district of Chorrillos shield Barranco from colder and more humid winds coming from the South creating a micro-climate that is warmer and drier than many of the other districts of Lima. Today it is the home and work place of many of Peru’s leading artists, musicians, designers, and photographers. The district has a very artistic and bohemian feel. The homes and restaurants in the area are built around a ravine and along a cliff overlooking the ocean. There is a walkway that stretches from the heart of the district all the way down to the beach called Bajada de los Baños. Crossing over this walkway is Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) which was built in 1876. The streets are filled with many beautiful examples of colonial and Republican style homes although many of them have not been well maintained. A relaxed and quieter area of Lima during the day, its many restaurants, bars, and clubs come alive once the sun goes down.


  1. Trish

    Cool. Where did you end up eating? Are you finding food at restaurants you can eat or are you mostly grocery shopping? What has become your go-to food choices?

    • Summer Martindale

      We actually ended up back at Tanta on Thanksgiving day. We ended up eating “lunch” around 4:30 or 5:00 pm that day and we were both starving so we decided to go with a known thing. I am finding an ok selection of food at restaurants that I can eat. Anytime I can get meat with a side of vegetables it is usually a safe bet. I have had grilled chicken several times, steak, salmon and alpaca. I have had a salad a few times but am really cautious because if they wash the produce with tap water it can be bad news. I have also relaxed a bit on having things like rice and beans. I have also knowingly eaten gluten a few times. The day of the Colca Canyon tour I had a couple of fried wontons with guacamole, I had a salad with crunchy Asian noodles on it on day and I ordered a steak one night that came with a “gravy” on it that was pure gluten. We are doing a fair amount of grocery shopping though. Eating out can get expensive, it is more challenging with our restrictions and our limited Spanish and it just gets old after a while. Plus eating out in Peru can easily be a 3 hour affair. We don’t have time at every meal to spend 2 or 3 hours. Go to foods when eating in have become scrambled eggs with roasted potatoes and onions in the morning, rice cakes with peanut butter and jelly for lunch and taco baked potatoes for dinner. When eating out I look for grilled meats with a side of vegetables or I have tried a couple of risotto that had meat and veggies in them. They have been really good. Unfortunately, I have gotten a little relaxed in making sure things don’t contain gluten or dairy when ordering and I ordered a risotto that had milk in it and my body didn’t love that.

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