Lima, Peru: Re-establishing a Routine [Days 28 – 31]

Day 28 | Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hopping back on a bus at 12:30 pm yesterday afternoon for another 7+ hour bus ride concluded our 2 week adventure in Peru and we are settling back into a more normal life in Lima again.

Honestly, I am a little road weary at this point and it feels really great knowing that we don’t have to pack up our bags in a couple of days to travel to the next destination. Even better is that Steve is feeling the same way so I know that means we are going to get to take a bit of a break and ease back into “normal” life in Lima. 

We gambled when we booked this apartment through Airbnb as it did not have any reviews yet. The host has several other listings and has good ratings on them, we are very familiar with and like the area of town and we have honed our Airbnb interpretation skills so hopefully it won’t bite us too badly. We are actually both hoping that we are good with the apartment so that we can book it for the remainder of our time in Lima. It is located on a main thoroughfare which means it is a little louder than the other two places we have stayed in–in San Isidro but it is on the back side of the building over looking a courtyard. It is actually fairly large, it has a full kitchen, washer & dryer, living/dining room, an office, bedroom and two full bathrooms. Being a new listing it has recently been updated and outfitted for renting and I think there has only been one other person that has stayed here before us. 

There was a pretty loud party going on in the courtyard when we arrived last night but fortunately it only went until 10:00 or 10:30 pm. It is Sunday so we took advantage and slept in a little this morning. We are moving  slow this morning and enjoying just hanging out in our jammies. We are finally getting ready to shower and discovering that there is no hot water. After a solid attempt on Steve’s part to trouble shoot the problem he is contacting our Airbnb host. Fortunately our Airbnb host is very responsive and has gotten back to us and is sending someone over to look at the hot water heater. He is telling us that it is a brand new unit and hasn’t had any issues in the last couple of weeks. The couple that showed up are really just intermediaries and they are going to try and get someone to come take a look at it but aren’t promising too much as it is a Sunday. After the couple left and some additional correspondence with our host Steve had a light bulb go off. He actually thinks that the hot water heater hasn’t been used and since it is gas that there might be air in line. So, he held down the gas switch until he smelt gas and then lit the pilot light. Woohoo, it lit right up. Now we just have to wait for it to heat the water. Steve let our host know that he solved the problem, how he solved the problem and had our host call off the service guy. 

After that we spent a relaxing afternoon catching up on the blog and napping.

Day 29 | Monday, November 21, 2016

After 2 weeks wandering Peru it is weird to get up and send Steve off to the office this morning. It is nice to be returning to a more normal schedule and to just be chilling after being on the go. I have some serious blogging to get caught up on today. 

Day 30 | Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Steve is off to the office and I am doing some more blogging.

Day 31 | Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another day, another dollar, and more blogging.


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