Huaca Huallamarca [Ruins in the Middle of the City | Day 5]

Day 5 | Friday, October 28, 2016

After walking past the ruins in the middle of the city on Wednesday morning we decided to carve some time out today to go explore them. Huaca Huallamarca is a protected site and has been maintained by the Municipality of San Isidro since 1958. They have constructed a small museum onsite that exhibits some of the remains that they have excavated over the years. There are samples of the funerary bundles they have unearthed that represent human beings with heads made of cloth with wooden noses and vegetable fiber hair. There are also skeletal remains and a few artifacts. As you walk out the doors of the small museum you are met with the giant tiered pyramid. As you walk up the ramp they have constructed you can detour to get a closer look at the handmade round bricks that the structure is made of and can peer into open pits they have left for your grasp the excavation that has been done through the years. Upon reaching the top of the pyramid you get an incredible view of the modern city of Lima that surrounds the ruins. At the top you also see representations of the funerary bundles they have discovered. See the full tour in our Huaca Huallamarca photo album.


  1. Trish

    Fun to see pics of you guys! Also – very interesting tree in the background of a couple photos. Looks like a combination of a pine tree / palm tree. Very pine tree looking with lots of space between the sections.

    • Steven Martindale

      That tree is the reason that I took those pictures. It was very unusual and very tall again like a pine tree.

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