Circuito Mágico del Agua [Magic Water Circuit]

On Wednesday nigh,t we went to the Circuito Mágico del Agua (Magic Water Circuit) in Parque de la Reserva (The Park of the Reserve) in Lima, Peru. It cost S/. 4 or $1.19 per person to enter this large 19.8 acre city park with 13 very impressive fountains. The park is split by a street into 2 parcels that are connected by a tunnel.  Most of the fountains are for viewing only, but a few of them are interactive. Some of the fountains are choreographed to music and lights. I now wish that I had upgraded my iPhone to the 128GB model as the 16GB model is just not enough to capture everything I wanted. Below are the few images and videos that I did manage to get.

Túnel de las Sorpresas (Tunnel of Surprises):
This fountain forms a 115ft long tunnel that you can walk through. I grabbed a couple of slo-mo videos to try and capture the amount and force of the water flowing overhead. The ground vibrates a little due to the force of the water, so I could not use a tripod to capture the footage. You have to watch out for kids running through sticking their hands in the water and moistening your nice dry clothing on a cool night.

Fuente del Arco Iris (Rainbow Fountain):
The videos and photos do not do the colors in this fountain justice. They are so vivid, but it was hard to capture them without spending the entire evening there leaving Summer bored out of her mind, so I gave up.

Arco Iris (Rainbow)

You can see the colors a little bit better in this video.

Fuente de la Fantasía (Fantasy Fountain):
This is another fountain that was hard to capture the color and intricacies of. It has a wide variety of different features that it runs through. I did not have enough storage on my iPhone to just record the whole show and edit later, so I had to pick and choose what I shot. This is the main event at the park and where the laser light show takes place 3 times a night at 7:15 pm, 8:15 pm and 9:30 pm.

Fantasía (Fantasy)

This is the same shot, but as a video instead of an animated gif.

Laberinto del Ensueño (Maze of the Dream):
This is the most interactive of the fountains. The different rings of water are randomly timed, and just when you think you can make it to the center ring without getting wet, you get soaked. I braved the first ring to get a photo, but since we had to get into an Uber to ride back to the room, I did not want to gamble too much. They do have changing rooms that you can use if you brought a change of clothes, which I did not. In the photo, I was using my new iBlazar 2 off-camera flash for the first time. I bought it right before our trip. I was able to hold it behind the first ring of water with me and I could trigger the camera shutter remotely while Summer held the iPhone outside the fountain. I obviously still need to work on getting my arm outside the shot (guess I need a selfie stick) and aim the flash better, but this was my first attempt.

Maze of the Dream


Fuente Mágica (Magic Fountain):
The main jet in this fountain shoots 80m (262 ft) in the air and is surrounded by a ton of other jets. At times, the whole fountain fills with mist and the laser lights illuminate the mist and dance around.

This is a shot of the train that both children and adults can ride around the park. The backdrop is a pavilion that surrounds part of the Magic Fountain.

Fuente Tangüis (Tangüis Fountain):
I could not resist again playing with the slo-mo feature on my iPhone. I really enjoyed trying to capture this one.



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