Vaccinations Week 3: Yellow Fever

While talking to the Pharmacist tonight we learned a new piece of vital information.  There are multiple types or vaccines, live being one of them.  Live vaccines contain a weakened version of the virus.  You can receive multiple live vaccines at one time, but if you do not get them within a 24 hour period of the first one then you need to wait at least 28 days before getting the next one.  The Costco pharmacist told us that since the Yellow Fever and oral Typhoid are both live that we would need to start the Typhoid within 24 hours or hold off for 28 days.  We also found out the MMR is a live vaccine.  If we wait to take the oral Typhoid then we would not be able to get all of the vaccines done int time for us to leave on October 22nd.  If we start taking the oral Typhoid  starting tomorrow morning then we risk compromising Summer’s immune system with too many vaccines at once.  I decided to research the 28 day rule that the pharmacist told us about just to be sure she was correct.  After doing an hour or so of research I found that while the 28 day rule is correct for live viruses, per the CDC (page 38 table 3) oral vaccines including Typhoid are exempt from this rule.  It can be taken in the same manor as inactive vaccines where there is no waiting period between vaccines.  This means we can stick to the original plan per our doctor, receiving no more than one vaccine per week.

So far none of our vaccinations have been covered by our prescription insurance.  I decided to call them to see if they are going to cover any of them.  They said they do not cover any vaccinations, but that I should check with my health insurance to see if they would.  I thought it would be strange that a prescription would be covered be my health insurance and not my prescription insurance but called anyway.  To my surprise I was told they would cover most of the vaccinations that we are getting with the exception of Malaria and Rabies.  We have a high($4,200) deductible health plan and have not hit our deductible yet so I assumed they would not cover them till we did.  To my surprise they said that since the vaccinations are preventative that they will cover them 100% regardless of the deductible being met.  Costco does not bill health insurance so we will need to pay for them and then submit for reimbursement from our health insurance.  This should save us around $1,200 by the time we are done getting all of our vaccinations.  We are still researching which Malaria drug/s we need and trying to decide if we really need the Rabies Vaccine.  Just the Rabies and Malaria vaccines could be over $2,000 per person.

prices below are per person

  1. TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis) $64 08/22/2016
  2. MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) $86.42
  3. Hepatitis A (Round 1)  $71.09 08/29/2016
  4. Hepatitis A (Round 2) $71.09
  5. Hepatitis A (Round 3) $71.09
  6. Rabies* (Round 1) $370.50
  7. Rabies* (Round 2) $370.50
  8. Rabies* (Round 3) $370.50
  9. Malaria *
  10. Typhoid* (Oral every other day for 7 days) $63.34
  11. Yellow Fever* $159.09 09/06/2016

Total per person so far pre insurance $357.60

* prescription required

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